For Teachers

Dear Teacher,

Welcome to "The History Beneath Our Feet", a website that offers stories and photographs about many important persons who helped shape our city of Durham.

How can you help your students to connect with the history of Durham? Begin with what they already know---the streets or schools that were named after famous Durhamites, such as Watts, Spaulding, and Mangum. Using this website, you and your students can click on a familiar name and find information about the person's contributions to our history.

This website also meets many of the goals set forth in the NC Standard Course of Study, including ones connected with Third Grade Citizenship, Fourth Grade North Carolina Geography and History, Fifth Grade United States History, and Eighth Grade North Carolina: Creation and Development of the State.

Also, you can click on the links below to download sample lesson plans, a good starting point as you become more familiar with this new resource.

We would love to see the lesson plans that you develop to use History Beneath Our Feet with your students. Please send them to and let us know the grade level. The Museum of Durham History will try to post them on the History Beneath our Feet Teacher page, so others can see your creativity.

Before you get involved in specific goals, just give this a try. Click on Watts, and you'll find a story just waiting to be told to your students!