Morgan Street

Samuel Tate Morgan, the street's most likely namesake, was the son of Samuel D. Morgan, a landowner on the Neuse River. The younger Samuel was active in the Durham business community in the 1880s.

Another candidate is W.M. Morris, an associate of Eugene Morehead (son of North Carolina Gov. John Motley Morehead and namesake of Durham's Morehead Avenue) in founding the Morehead Bank, Durham's first, in 1878.

Morgan Street appears in Branson's 1887 Directory of Durham, running parallel to Main Street from Morris west past the town limits; by 1913, its western terminus was established at Jones (later Albemarle) Street.

By 1937, Morgan Street had been extended west to meet Main and Watts streets in a five-point intersection. Its eastern section, between Morris and Mangum streets, became part of the Downtown Loop during urban renewal in the early 1970s.

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