Fayetteville Street

While no longer a route to Fayetteville, the street was originally part of a Roxboro-to-Fayetteville road in an early state system connecting county seats. It now becomes "Fayetteville Road" farther south and intersects N.C. 751, originally part of a Hillsborough-to-Fayetteville Road. In the late 1800s, Fayetteville Street became a de facto Main Street in Hayti, Durham's first African-American neighborhood. Fayetteville's intersection with Pettigrew Street was the core of a business district and churches and homes of the city's black professional men and capitalists lined the street for several blocks south toward what is now N.C. Central University. Durham Freeway construction in the late 1960s obliterated the Fayetteville-Pettigrew corner and urban renewal in the 1970s rerouted Fayetteville Street one block west (leaving a section renamed "Old Fayetteville Street") and cleared most of the land along the street as far as Umstead Street. The 1892 sanctuary of St. Joseph's A.M.E. Church, now incorporated into the Hayti Heritage Center, remains as a landmark.

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