Duke Street

First appearing on the 1881 Gray Map, the street bears the name of the tobacco-wealthy family and patriarch Washington Duke whose mansion stood at the southeast corner of Duke and Main streets, beside his cigarette factory - present-day site of the 1948 Liggett & Myers New Factory, or Chesterfield Building.

The Branson's Directory map of 1887 shows Washington Duke's eldest son, Brodie Leonidas, residing at the end of Fuller Street; Brodie later built a residence at Duke and Morgan streets, later site of Carr Junior High School (now incorporated into Durham School of the Arts).

The Gray Map shows Duke Street terminating at Main Street. The 1887 Branson's map shows it extended on to Peabody, which ran along the north side of the railroad, and connecting with Lee (or Lea) Street south of the track.

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