James Y. Whitted

James Young Whitted (1836-1926) was a tobacco manufacturer and friend of John Ruffin Green, who originated the blend later known as "Bull Durham." According to local lore, it was Whitted who suggested the bull as a brand symbol for Ruffin's "Genuine Durham Smoking Tobacco." The story goes that Whitted got the bull logo idea from a Colman's Mustard label he noticed while dining with Green at a Hillsborough restaurant. Colman's, made in England, had adopted a bull emblem itself in 1855 and continues to use it. Whitted started his own firm in Hillsborough in 1859, but left the industry to join the Confederate army. After discharge he returned to Hillsborough and formed J.Y. Whitted & Co., a chewing-tobacco firm, in 1867. Whitted moved the business to Durham in 1884, in time to buy an advertisement in Hiram Paul's History of the Town of Durham, N.C. After retiring, Whitted moved to Greensboro to live with his daughter. There, he became a supervisor at the Keeley Institute, an alcoholism-treatment clinic in the Blandwood Mansion.

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