George W. Watts

Born in Maryland, George Washington Watts (1851-1921) came to Durham to be a financial officer in the Duke family tobacco business and became a partner in 1884. He was involved, with and without the Dukes, in numerous other Durham businesses, including banks and textile factories. He set up his son-in-law, John Sprunt Hill, in a financial business that grew into Central Carolina Bank. In 1895, Watts donated Durham its first hospital, which stood at Main and Watts streets. In 1908, with the hospital outgrowing its original building, he donated land at Broad Street and Club Boulevard, established a hospital endowment and paid for a new, larger and more modern facility that served as Watts Hospital until, merged with Lincoln Hospital, Durham Regional Hospital replaced both in 1976. The Watts Hospital campus is now the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Watts Street in Trinity Park carries on the Watts name, along with Watts Street Baptist Church and George Watts Elementary School.

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