North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company Building

Enjoying fast growth and diversification through the early 1900s, the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co. replaced its 1905 Parrish Street headquarters in 1921 with a six-story landmark building faced with sun-catching yellow brick.

Its opening was such a milestone to African-Americans that the Atlanta Independent, a major black-owned newspaper, devoted an entire front page to the story. The Mutual occupied the top four floors, while the Mechanics and Farmers Bank took the sidewalk level and Bankers Fire Insurance, a Mutual subsidiary, had the second floor to itself.

The Mutual left Parrish Street for a new headquarters on Chapel Hill Street in 1965, whereupon the old building became known as the "Mechanics and Farmers Building" for the bank that remained there. M&F continues to operate a branch at the location.
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