BC Powder Factory (Measurement Inc.)

Now headquarters for the nationwide standardized testing firm Measurement Inc., the monumental building at Morris and Corporation streets was originally a factory for BC Powder - a headache remedy invented in Durham in 1906.

Pharmacists Germain Bernard and Commodore T. Council developed the remedy in their drugstore at Five Points. It proved popular enough that they incorporated the B.C. Remedy Co. in 1910 and hired salesmen to spread their product across the Southeast. Business was so good they moved production from their store to a factory of its own in 1928.

Bought out by a New Jersey company, B.C. Powder's manufacturing left Durham for Memphis in 1972. Central Carolina Bank took over the building for its operations center and continued there until completing a new facility in western Durham in the early 1990s. Subsequently, Measurement Inc. bought the former factory.
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