Whether you're a long-time resident or an interested newcomer, you've probably looked at certain streets or school names and wondered where they came from. Here's where you can find some answers.

History Beneath Our Feet, a project of the Museum of Durham History, is a unique online "Gazetteer" that tells the human side of Durham's compelling past through lively stories and images. The site focuses on the Downtown Durham Historic District and the Hayti/Fayetteville Street corridor, two geographic areas at the heart of so much Durham history. If you have a story or photo of a person or place not yet listed, please tell us.

History Beneath Our Feet is not a comprehensive portrait of the men and women who built Durham. Its focus is narrower. It is about the people for whom our streets and schools were named and their contribution to Durham's history.

Try the Crossword Puzzle to test your knowledge of Durham Streets. Go to our Facebook site for the answers.

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